The Year Everything Important Happened

May 21, 1904


Robert Montgomery  May 21, 1904 – September 27, 1981

Actor and father of Elizabeth Montgomery, who starred as Samantha on the situation comedy fantasy “Bewitched” which broadcast on ABC from 1964 – 1972

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a network executive was presenting a new program offering, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to a skeptical affiliate in El Paso, Texas.   The affiliate owner, a good Christian man, had expressed deep concerns about the possible satanic nature of this vampire show.   “Well it’s hardly ‘satanic,'” the L.A. executive scoffed good-naturedly.  “Why, I mean, it’s no more satanic or supernatural than Bewitched,” he added and chuckled.

Bewitched has never aired in El Paso, Texas,” the affiliate owner shot back with grim pride and indignation.

Anything new is going to be met with some skepticism.  It’s only human nature, I suppose.  We resist intuitively.  We fear what is different; we don’t trust.   The Devil has many disguises.  Why, I spent this morning upgrading my wi-fi high speed internet service.  I unpacked the box I received in the mail with a touch of trepidation, I put the pieces together with skepticism, changed out cords and replaced connectors and tossed aside ancient devices from a century 6 years ago with growing doubt, read instructions, disregarded instructions, then called the 800 number and spoke with a nice young lady somewhere in India or the Philippines – at least that is how I pictured her, in a little cubicle in some impossibly high skyscraper rising up above the sprawling slums of Manila or Mumbai, talking me through the installation process.  Or she might have been in Kansas.

I was prepared to argue, defend and protect, not give in.  But at some point I thought, what am I doing?  I am either speaking to one of the Dark Lord’s minions, the helpless puppet of some evil corporate (read: satanic) entity poised to extract data from me like my life’s blood and soul after which I will be cast aside onto the dung heap of forgotten humanity…

Or there is real kindness and compassion on the other end of the line, it is not a script, it is not an act, she likes me, she cares about me and how the weather is here and she wants me to figure this out, she’s there for me, she’s got my back, and I can trust, like Ann Frank, that the world is really good at heart.  And she did have a nice voice and a charming laugh and I can twitch my nose and think of that xylophone tinkling sound that heralds the presence of something fun and wonderful, I can believe in magic.  I can believe in the Good.  And I can thrill to the lightning speed of connecting to my heart’s desire.



  1. Dear Ida,

    So much kind and generous communication winging across the planet today.

    Appreciatively yours,


  2. Heather in Arles

    May 24, 2014 at 10:43 am

    As a kind friend recently reminded me lately. We can choose. That would be you by the way.
    And swoosh with a click I am in LA,

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